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Advanced Analytics Informed by Expert Insights 

Shifting consumer expectations, data sources and technology innovations are driving rapid changes in risk assessment for the life insurance industry. As a long-standing risk-sharing partner, RGA understands these challenges and is ready to help with robust digital and data-driven risk assessments solutions imbedded with our underwriting and mortality expertise.

Let us partner with you to drive efficiency and growth by transforming risk assessment with advanced analytics informed by RGA expert insights.

DHD Service

Transform digital health data (DHD) into actionable underwriting insights
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TransUnion TrueRisk® Life

TransUnion TrueRisk Life is a credit-based insurance score that is predictive of mortality and lapse risk
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Rx Solutions

Simplify and accelerate underwriting decisions with Rx scoring solutions from RGA
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TransUnion DriverRisk

DriverRisk is a powerful indicator of prior violation activity
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