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Find opportunities, mitigate risk, and make better decisions faster.

MedScore® combines the predictive power of prescription drug (Rx) and digital health data (DHD) in a single risk assessment score for group insurers.

Built exclusively for the group insurance market as part of the RGA Group RiskDimensions® portfolio of data products, MedScore is highly predictive of group mortality experience and harnesses decades of RGA underwriting, data science, and actuarial expertise, insights from the company’s acclaimed Rx Predictive model and DHD Scoring tools for the individual life market, and applied innovation from RGAX.

Independently, Rx and DHD are predictive. The combination of these complementary evidences uncovers incredibly useful insights. MedScore has proven to be more powerful than a prescription-only group data tool.

MedScore® offers:
  • Data points that likely do not exist in your existing pricing basis, yielding the ability to adjust pricing using sound science
  • New insights that can be applied to an existing rate basis or used with underwriter discretion
  • A route to unearth new perspectives on application strategies, including renewals, benefit enrichment, and rate guarantee extensions
  • A path to increased close ratios, expansion opportunities, and more competitive group insurance pricing
Explore new dimensions of risk assessment with powerful pricing and underwriting insight from RGA Group RiskDimensions®

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