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RiskDimensions® Rx Solutions

Simplify and accelerate underwriting decisions with Rx scoring solutions from RGA. 

RGA pioneered risk assessment utilizing prescription drug (Rx) histories many years ago, and today we remain a leader with a suite of innovative Rx Solutions. 

From the Rx Underwriting Severity Score to the Rx Predictive Model Risk Score, RGA’s Rx Solutions deliver the insights carriers need to quickly and effectively assess the mortality risk of applicant prescription data.     

  • Rx Underwriting Severity Score.

    Leveraging RGA's long-standing underwriting expertise, the Rx Underwriting Severity Score offers a holistic underwriting assessment of the severity of an applicant's prescription history. Life insurance companies benefit from a rapid and consistent underwriting-focused assessment of prescription data. 

  • Rx Predictive Model Risk Score. 

    The multivariate Rx Predictive Model uniquely joins advanced data analytics with underwriting and medical insights, resulting in a refined mortality risk score. The Rx Predictive Model Risk Score enables life insurance companies to improve risk stratification while accelerating underwriting decisions. 

Benefit from RGA's deep experience and strong partnership.

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