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  • February 2022
  • 14 minutes

Can Insurers Help Defeat Dementia?

A Case Study from Japan

In Brief

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This video was developed in conjunction with actuview, the first permanent international media platform for actuaries ( actuview content reflects contributions from actuarial institutions, corporate partners and industry professionals. RGA is actuview’s sponsoring partner.

As the world ages, dementia has become a growing product category for insurers, and nowhere is this more evident than in Japan.

A declining birth rate and rising life expectancy have led to growing dementia incidence while straining the resources of families, payors, and society at large. RGA's Kazunori Hashida explores the forces that have made dementia now the leading cause of long-term care needs in Japan and explains pioneering government efforts to incentivize prevention and risk detection, as well as support caretakers, healthcare, and housing. He investigates new product developments, from long-term care, to impaired annuities, to single-premium saving products, as well as benefits designed to detect and manage mild cognitive impairments before they progress. He closes by summarizing pros and cons, including high risk and lower sales, and suggests comprehensive solutions that combine dementia risk reduction and prevention with long-term care risk, inheritance and savings features, and other value-added services. 
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