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RGActual October 2022 Issue: Taking the Long View

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In Brief

Explore RGActual, a new magazine covering innovation, experience, and development for insurance professionals. In this issue, we address topics from problem-hunting to insurer pivots. 

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This long-term view is reflected in our approach to our clients. We work to build strong relationships that create value for clients and partners over the course of many years. That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate RGA’s 30th anniversary in the Canadian market this year, where our relationships have been key to our success. Long-term thinking was also the driving force behind the development of our first ESG report. RGA is a values-based and purpose-driven organization, and sustainability is fundamental to our success.

This issue of RGActual also covers exciting content about new product developments, and a three-part video series called “Technovate,” focused on wellbeing and innovation. There’s also an exploration of how the industry has pivoted in response to the pandemic and its impact on product development needs. 

Most of all, we value your feedback, so please be sure to respond to the survey in the section “How about you?”. Of course, we invite you to reach out to us at any time with your inquiries, and we welcome any new conversations you might want to have.

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Matt Blakely
Matt Blakely
Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability